Everyone Can Build a Website

It’s a new year.  And New Years resolutions are flying.  Invariably, two or three people reach out to ask me advice about building a website. I hear people say things like “I can’t do it.”   Or “I’m not technical”. And it’s true.  You do have to be a bit technical.  Being able to click a button.  Be able [...]

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The Lessons of 2018…

A pattern I noticed over the last few years is that each year seems to be book-ended by a theme. 2017 was about Extreme Ownership. Taking full responsibility for everything in my life. 2018 was about Self Awareness. So what did my self awareness teach me in 2018? Selfishness is good. Selfishness for good reasons leads to selflessness for [...]

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Status Quo vs. Innovation

I was bored out of my skull. I was an Engineer Level 1.  Working at GM.  Every few weeks, I spend 2 days running tests and collecting tons of data. Then I take that data into excel.  My job was to create 20-30 different charts and graphs. Tedious.  Repetitious.  Time consuming.  It would burn an entire day of me [...]

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How Don Knotts Saved Christmas…

I stand in my parents living room, staring at the TV.  I’m frustrated.  Tired.  I rub my eyes, look at the ceiling and sigh. That’s when I knew I couldn’t take it anymore. In the past few weeks I’ve been in Michigan, my parents have consumed steady diet of old westerns.  Western movies.  Western TV shows. Lawman, Cheyenne, Brett [...]

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Bento Box

Between text messages, facebook alerts, new emails alerts … even phone calls from our pocket, everything is built to distract us.  Everything vies for our attention. These distractions prevent me from being in the moment.  Impacting my relationships.  My time with the person that I’m with suffers\. The only way I could keep my relationships strong was to create [...]

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Christmas isn’t Christmas …

It was Christmas Eve. And the trap was set. Other kids told me. But I didn’t believe them. So I decided to set a trap. A trap that would tell me beyond a shadow of a doubt … if Santa was real. My plan was diabolically simple. I arranged the cookies, nicely on the tray. I painstaking wrote a [...]

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