Tell Me Lies

As I'm writing this, I'm sitting in the French Alps. A small town called Samoëns. A fresh espresso sits in front of me. A crispy, buttery croissant within reach. I share this not to make anyone envious. Well, maybe a little. I share this because it's the truth. Let me rewind the clock about a month. Some very good friends presented me with a golden opportunity. Join them for two weeks at their house in the French Alps. Their home is called "Chateau No Problem". How could I resist? I haven't had a vacation in years. The thought of going somewhere new, some place beautiful was too good to pass up. I needed a mental reset. Before leaving, I spoke with another agent. Telling her about my impending trip. I mentioned that I just started working with some new clients. First time home buyers. That I wouldn't be able [...]

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My First Time Was Horrible

From my email from last week (see below), Joan writes: I love it, love it when the bad guys get caught. Bad guys have multiplied. This statement is so true. That one article I referenced last week, nearly 100 brokerages are under investigation for violating federal law. Average 50 agents per brokerage, that’s 5,000 agents that may be complicit. Joan further writes: There is a certain frustration that comes from being unable to do anything about the creeps so keep up the good work. I’m rooting for you! That means the world to me. It really does. I’ve seen a lot of unethical stuff in this industry. And I would prefer if I didn’t. At times, it would always feel like I was the lone voice among millions, shouting out what I see only to be drowned out by the Unethicals. Agents who are completely comfortable with bending their [...]

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