I Couldn’t Bare to Tell Them They Lost Their Dream Home

Do you enjoy breaking bad news to someone? Me neither. It stinks! What makes it worse is if you could have done something to have prevented it. Here's what happened to some clients of mine and their search for their dream home. My clients and I searched for months in Long Beach for their dream home. Right now we are in a seller's market. If your house is priced correctly, two things will happen when you put it up for sale. Multiple Offers within days House goes into escrow within days. As a buyer, you must be patient. One Wednesday night, my phone rang. My clients stumbled upon a house that had just came onto the market in their desired area. Could we see it on Saturday? You bet! Thursday morning, the listing agent for the house was having an ÔÇťAgent Open House" that day. An "Agent Open House" [...]