Everyone Can Build a Website

It’s a new year.  And New Years resolutions are flying.  Invariably, two or three people reach out to ask me advice about building a website. I hear people say things like “I can’t do it.”   Or “I’m not technical”. And it’s true.  You do have to be a bit technical.  Being able to click a button.  Be able to purchase a domain name.  You have to gather up photos or images.  Write all the text that your website will need.  You’ll need to decide on the number of pages.  What colors you’ll use. “Maybe I’ll just hire someone.”  You get some quotes.  The minimum thousand dollar price tag intimidates you. So the New Years resolution starts to die before it was really even born. In a conversation with Sherry, I told her I was going to start building out a website for my “Coffee with Cliff” series. [...]

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Unintended Consequences

It’s hard to envision or even understand the consequences of the decisions you make.  Bigger decisions may illuminate some of the consequences.  But it’s the unintended consequences that people always miss. Not all consequences are bad. Some are good. “How in the world did you ever get so interested in Jazz music?” My mom asked. A few minutes earlier, my finger pushes the play button on my iPod.  The piano tunes of Duke Ellington fill my car.  The same car that scoots down the skinny streets of Long Beach. My mom is in the passenger seat.  Dad smiles out the back window as the Southern California sun bathes him in warm rays. I turn the corner, heading towards the ocean.  “Actually it’s your fault.  You got me listening to jazz.” Mom shakes her head, incredulous that she could do that.  “I did no such thing!” “Oh yes [...]

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The Energy File

Do I ever get tired of writing? Every single day, the blinking cursor on the screen laughs at me. Dares me to write something. Write something that people want to read. Something profound. When I do, I pull out my "Energy File". I can’t explain my compulsion to write. It’s something that I just do. Writing isn’t an end goal. It’s a craft. Something to always be improved upon. Like the blacksmith that pulls the ingot from the furnace. The ingot must be worked. Again and again. Repeatedly struck, bent, folded, re-heated. The more I work on it, the stronger it becomes. Neglect it? Walk away from it? Even for a short period of time, if I leave my writing it starts to rust. It becomes much harder to use. In a conversation with Kamille, she recommended I start an “Energy File”. When people communicate to me, either via [...]

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