The Impact You Have …

We never know who will be impacted by the small, minor actions that we take today. Or how they will be impacted. Many moons ago, a man sat at a desk for the Miami Herald. On the desk in front of him was package after package of submissions for a reporter position. He was in charge of the [...]

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Unintended Consequences

It’s hard to envision or even understand the consequences of the decisions you make.  Bigger decisions may illuminate some of the consequences.  But it’s the unintended consequences that people always miss. Not all consequences are bad. Some are good. “How in the world did you ever get so interested in Jazz music?” My mom asked. A few minutes [...]

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Last night, my brain spun like a top. Probably why I slept so bad. Or because I forgot to pop my melatonin. My good friend Ryan wrote something yesterday that triggered my brain. It put things into real perspective. I’ll paraphrase it here, using my own numbers. On Facebook, I’ve written 189 of these posts. Each averages 500 words. 189 [...]

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The Energy File

Do I ever get tired of writing? Every single day, the blinking cursor on the screen laughs at me. Dares me to write something. Write something that people want to read. Something profound. When I do, I pull out my "Energy File". I can’t explain my compulsion to write. It’s something that I just do. Writing isn’t an end goal. [...]

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I Kill Myself

I have a confession to make. One of my time management techniques:  I deliberately kill myself, trying to reach my goals. The first time I was introduced to any concept of time management was in college. My engineering design team’s assignment:  create a non-conventional passenger aircraft.  A huge undertaking. Our professor drew a bell curve on the board, “College students [...]

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Drug Dealin’ Pimp Mobiles

"Are you serious?" I simply couldn't believe my ears. Partly shocked. Partly surprised. It's not every day someone offers to give away an almost brand new car. A short while earlier, I started talking to this gentleman. Mike. Never met him before. We did the usual light chit chat. I made a comment about my podcast Long Beach Impact. He [...]

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