who is

cliff duvernois?

Cliff is a born story teller!  So it was only a matter of time before he fell in love with the world of podcasting.

Now he uses his skills and talents to help other business owners use this powerful medium to help generate leads for their business and giving them the tools to grow their business!

Early Life

Cliff was raised on a farm in the mid-west.

Ever since he was little, he dreamed of striking out into the world.  Having adventures, exploring new landscapes, meeting people.  One of his passions was taking his toys apart and then putting them back together.  Learning how things work inspired him to build his own toys.
Cliff escaped the snow-covered midwest to study engineering in Florida.  Being just a few miles from Cape Canveral allowed him to see his dream of space flight almost on a monthly basis, each time the Space Shuttle launched.
After graduation, he returned to Michigan with his first big engineering job.  It tested his creativity to figure out how to build new things that people could use.
Until one day, he received a call beckoning him to come to California.
That call would forever change the trajectory of his life and help him to find his true passion.
Destiny had called.


Cliff moved to California, to pursue his career. 

One day, his manager asked him to see if he could figure out how this “Internet Thing”.

For Cliff, the internet was love at first sight.

Using the internet, he quickly built web-applications to help hundreds of people do their jobs more efficiently.

That’s when he realized …

Anyone can now impact millions.

He became obsessed over telling stories through the internet. Both written and video content. A good story can influence and change millions.

From there, he left his job in engineering to pursue his life’s calling: to help those he had been called to serve.

While developing his business, his coach told him about this thing called Podcasting. Using this, Cliff was able to secure his first high ticket client. He was hooked!

After years of refining the process, Cliff developed his Podcast Lead Generation System that helps business owners use their podcast to generate qualified leads and land clients.

Podcasting is the Ultimate Relationship Building Tool.

Ahoy matey!


I always seem to do things wrong before I do them right.
The same applies for podcasting.
Youtube is a great resource for just about anything. Using that, I found some podcast gurus and did everything they said.
And I was miserable.
One 30 minute episode took 12 hours.
I didn’t understand how podcasting connected to my marketing.
I discovered I loved podcasting. I loved using it to meet new people.
But I didn’t have 12 hours to spend every week, working on one 30 minute episode that wasn’t bringing money in.
So I let the podcast go into the dark abyss of podfade. To keep my focus on revenue generating activities.
One day, my phone rang. Someone I had met a week prior found my podcast. They listened to one episode and knew I was the right guy to help him.
When I hung up the phone, I wondered “How did that happen?”
This began a quest, spanning years, where I wandered the podcast landscape. What tricks, tips, software and strategies on how to use podcasting without taking a day of my week.
One day, my mind stitched the pieces together. Just like finish a puzzle, I could see how I had a fool-proof method of publishing episodes and how podcasting could be used to grow my business.
After several friends reached out to learn my “secrets”, I decided this was just too valuable to keep from the world. Knowledge is meant to be shared.
Thus began the Podcast Growth Method: a simple frame any entrepreneur with a podcast can use this to effectively grow their business.

Learn how to use podcasting to help grow your business by attending one of these FREE challenges!


Giving back

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

For Cliff, giving back is a responsibility.

He donates to the Special Olympics, the American Cancer Society and Pet Angel Adoption.

Combining his love of running, Cliff participates in 5k Races that raise money for organizations that give back to the community in a variety of ways.


Cliff moved back to Michigan to help his parents.  A short while later, his dad passed away.

When not behind the microphone, Cliff spends his time traveling, experiencing new things, trying new food, and meeting new people.

When his head isn’t buried in a book, it’s buried in a journal.  Writing and sharing his thoughts through short stories that are published to his social media profiles.

Cliff is a self-admitted self-help junkie.  Anything to help him become a better version of himself in his personal relationships or his podcasting career.

Cliff also loves being outdoors.  Whether that’s road biking, hiking, or flying downhill on a pair of skis, anything that connects him to the great outdoors.

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For Entrepreneurs Wanting to Grow Their Business with Podcasting ...

This podcast is going to show you how to (1) use your podcast to generate leads for your business (2) prevent your podcast from going into podfade (3) help to grow your business without burning out! I’ll also be documenting my journey of building my business.

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