Drug Dealin’ Pimp Mobiles

"Are you serious?" I simply couldn't believe my ears. Partly shocked. Partly surprised. It's not every day someone offers to give away an almost brand new car. A short while earlier, I started talking to this gentleman. Mike. Never met him before. We did the usual light chit chat. I made a comment about my podcast Long Beach Impact. He asked what it was about. I told him. People sharing stories. Having impact in the community. "What kind of stories do you share?" he asked. I told him about Helen Dolas. How she founded Able ARTS Work to help developmentally challenged individuals express themselves through art. People with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc. I told him about one of the students. Maria. Born with cerebral palsy. Quadriplegic. Can’t speak. Can’t communicate. The only thing she can move is her head. Just a little bit. When she turned 24, [...]

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Scalin’ a big ol’ pile of doodie

“Zees is going to be big.” He said in his thick French accent. His eyes as wide as saucers. His face deadpan serious. Twenty five minutes earlier, he was scared. Freaked out. If I would have given him permission to leave, he would have bolted for the door. But I sat him down. Hit the record button. And recorded episode 2 of the podcast. Twenty five minutes later, he had done a 180. A smile beamed across my face. “He gets it,” I thought. “Message received.” I belong to this tight, online community of like minded entrepreneurs. Over this last year, I’ve really gotten to know them well. Jay, who hosts a great podcast out of Conejo Valley, posted this. This boutique agent in my area has tried to start a video podcast interviewing businesses, etc on FB live.  He tried and tried.  He had been constantly asking me about our [...]

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What a Piano Player Taught Me about Giving

Before I start this story, I want to make something clear. I’m not pushing an agenda or telling anyone how they should believe. Or not believe. I want to share a simple story. And religion plays a part in it. I considered removing the religious parts of the story. But decided against it. In an earlier email, I promised you that what I write will be real and it will be authentic. To remove those references would violate that promise. It would dishonor these events. This is something I will not do. So please. Enjoy the story for what it’s worth. Last week, I talked about my book which is being released. People are going to say I’m crazy. That it won’t work. But I don’t care. She grew up on a country farm. Long before televisions existed. When NBC, ABC and CBS were nothing more than radio stations. [...]

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Why Don’t More People Do This?

I’m so excited I can barely breath! But first let me do an update from last week. After sending out last week's newsletter, people reached out and asked questions. I'm thankful for that. That’s why I’m here. Feel free to do it any time. Onto new business. Back a few newsletters ago, I announced I had some things coming soon. That writing was going to become a bigger part of my business. I’m launching a printed monthly newsletter, mailed just like a magazine. Each month, the newsletter will be a compilation of stories, news articles in the real estate world. Most articles will be upbeat. But be warned: some will be sad. Some will be controversial. But I can promise you this. It will be real. It will be authentic. This weekly email will remain my platform for sharing thoughts, things I notice. In shorter form. If you’re [...]

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New Year Resolutions are Not For Me

Almost half of New Years Resolutions will be broken within a month. Crazy huh. For reasons I have yet to understand, I’ve been more content with going against the grain. I’m the one who swims upstream while everyone is swimming downstream. The office manager where I work. She’s been pushing us to fill out our “GCI” for 2017. GCI, for the unfamiliar, is Gross Commission Income. In other words, how many homes do I want to sell this year. To me, this always rings hollow. Tim Ferriss, the author of the new book “Tools for Titans” has a wildly successful podcast. I seem to have a love/hate relationship with his podcast. Some episodes are very informative while others go WAY too deep into topics and I get bored. During a recent episode he discussed “resolutions”. He said something intriguing. Rather than get worked up about creating new goals, [...]

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