Last night, my brain spun like a top.

Probably why I slept so bad. Or because I forgot to pop my melatonin.

My good friend Ryan wrote something yesterday that triggered my brain. It put things into real perspective.

I’ll paraphrase it here, using my own numbers.

On Facebook, I’ve written 189 of these posts. Each averages 500 words.

189 posts x 500 words/post = 94,500 words.

The average novel is 40,000 … therefore I’ve written 2 books this year.

At first, I thought it was pretty cool. I drank my coffee and went about my day.

But that planted a seed in my brain. That seed started to grow. Throughout the day, it blossomed and consumed my thoughts.

As I stared at the ceiling last night, I thought “Wow! I really did write 2 books! I’m all that and a bag of chips!”

From a recent Jocko podcast, with Dr. Jordan Peterson, they talked about Jocko’s new book “The Dichotomy of Leadership” (hint hint Santa).

Jocko said “I want to write a book. I write 1,000 words a day and in 30 days, I got a 30,000 word book. The book is in my head. The toughest part is getting it on paper.”

I wrote about this before. In my post “Do the Impossible” and “Moonshot”. Taking a seeming impossible task, breaking it down into baby steps. Take 1 baby step every day and before you know it, you climbed your Mount Everest.

I have to force myself to remember that. Because sometimes it gets daunting.

On the Dave Ramsey podcast, he does this “Millionaire Hour”. He talks to people who started with nothing and now have over $1M.

In an interview, one man hit the $1M. How? By mowing lawns.

He didn’t come up with some clever “dot com” company. Or the newest iPhone app. Nor did he have a Shark Tank idea.

He mowed lawns. One at a time. Every week. Month after month. Year after year.

I created what I call my “Impact Plan”. I want to impact 1 million people. This week, I expanded phase 1.

Phase 1 is where I distribute posts not only on Facebook but on LinkedIn, Medium and my own website. The other day on LinkedIn, I got a few Likes. From Medium, I got a few claps.

I’ll take every one of them.

This weekend, I’m experimenting with phase 2. I’m anxious to see how that goes.

You can’t get there if you don’t get started.

You’ll never get there if you quit.

Every day is another baby step. All designed to get me to my great goal.

Because sometimes, you have to do something small to do something great.

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