Sometimes, the sadness is too hard to hold.

I watched this show called “Six Feet Under”. It was the last episode, the series finale, during the last 5 minutes that made me ball like a baby.

For those who haven’t watched the show, “Six Feet Under” was a show that focused on a family who owned a mortuary. Each episode opened with some stranger dying, sometimes in some gruesome manner, and then how that dovetails into the family story.

During the very last 5 minutes, Claire is backing her Prius onto the street. She’s heading to New York to pursue her photography career. She’s pulling away from the curb, her family standing on the porch, waving good bye.

This song, sung by Sia called “Breathe Me” begins to play.

For the next five minutes, we see this montage showing how each of the characters dies and when.

And I cried.

First time ever I cried at the end of a TV show.

Not because the characters were dying. It was because I projected myself, my family, my loved ones into those characters.

This last week, my parents backed their car onto the street. As they pulled away from the curb, we stood on the porch, waving good bye.

And I cried.

Mom told me this would be the last time they would be driving to California. They’ve reached an age where they can’t do it anymore.

This is what my parents do. They drive. They drive everywhere. Going to Georgia? They drive. Going to Florida? They drive. Heading to Arizona? Drive.

Now that’s gone.

It’s just a reminder to me that time marches on.

Cherish each moment, each memory with those I love.

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