When I first got into real estate, a more experienced agent tried to give me branding advice.

“You need to do something clever with your name. I can’t pronounce your last name. But your first name. Cliff. Something like “Don’t fall off a Cliff when buying your home.”

My first impulse “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard yet.”

What came out instead, “That’s…different. I’ll have to think about that.”

I have no intention of turning my name into a gimmick. Or a pun.

When it comes to advertising, the worst I saw from agents is using their high school photos in their advertisements. Rather than show the world who they really are, the cling to the beauty they perceive in their photo from 30 years ago.

But then I saw this.


I wonder if he has any kids. I say that because if my dad photoshopped his head onto a sheep, the high school bullies would have been 10x worse. Relentless. As a matter of fact, I probably would have bullied myself.

But high school for me was in the 80’s. We had 3 stations. Cable TV was the newest fad. If my dad was Mr. Sheep, I could have at least fled the jurisdiction. Run away to another state.

These days, with the push of a button, the entire world knows what you had for breakfast.

And, thanks to Ellen, the entire world now knows Mr. Space Sheep. Watch the video below.

Is this how this guy wants to be remembered? I hope so. Because the internet never forgets.

But this is where many agents are at. Coming up with gimmicks.

Every time I do business with someone, it’s never the gimmick that attracts me. It’s the relationship.

A coupon for 10% off on socks may get my attention. But I’ll still go with the brand that I know. That makes comfortable socks that I like. I have a relationship with that brand. But I may roll the dice. Try a new pair of socks from a different company.

But that’s socks.

A home is different.

Or as Ellen says “When it comes to making the largest financial purchase of your life, trust the space sheep.”

I laugh. Because it’s funny. But my impulse is “That’s the second dumbest thing I’ve heard yet.”

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