As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the French Alps. A small town called Samo├źns. A fresh espresso sits in front of me. A crispy, buttery croissant within reach.

I share this not to make anyone envious. Well, maybe a little. I share this because it’s the truth.

Let me rewind the clock about a month.

Some very good friends presented me with a golden opportunity. Join them for two weeks at their house in the French Alps. Their home is called “Chateau No Problem”.

How could I resist?

I haven’t had a vacation in years. The thought of going somewhere new, some place beautiful was too good to pass up. I needed a mental reset.

Before leaving, I spoke with another agent. Telling her about my impending trip.

I mentioned that I just started working with some new clients. First time home buyers. That I wouldn’t be able to show them any homes for a few weeks.

“Don’t tell them you’re going on vacation,” she said. ” And don’t tell them you’re going to France. You’ll lose them for sure. For the first weekend, tell them you’re busy. The second weekend tell them a family emergency came up.”

I get where she’s coming from. She’s afraid my clients will dump me. Since I’m not here to show them homes, they’ll go work with someone else.

Rather than tell the truth, she advocates that I lie to keep my clients.

Telling the truth has consequences. Good and bad. Some people don’t want to face those consequences. So they bury the truth with a lie. Or in this case, three lies.

And if people are willing to lie about something so minor, what else are they willing to lie about?

Funny thing about the truth. It has a way of percolating to the surface. No matter how deep it’s buried.

When the truth comes out, I would have to deal with those consequences. As well as the consequences of the lie.

The trust which is an essential part of any relationship is now gone.

I thanked her for her advice.

I told my new clients I’m going on vacation in France for two weeks.

So what are my consequences?

They tell me to have fun. Enjoy myself.

Two weeks later, when I see them again, they’re all smiles. Asking me how my trip was.

I’m all smiles. Because I can’t wait to help them.

And my conscience is clear. Doing the right thing is always the right thing.

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