Do I ever get tired of writing?

Every single day, the blinking cursor on the screen laughs at me. Dares me to write something. Write something that people want to read. Something profound.

When I do, I pull out my “Energy File”.

I can’t explain my compulsion to write. It’s something that I just do.

Writing isn’t an end goal. It’s a craft. Something to always be improved upon. Like the blacksmith that pulls the ingot from the furnace. The ingot must be worked. Again and again. Repeatedly struck, bent, folded, re-heated.

The more I work on it, the stronger it becomes.

Neglect it? Walk away from it?

Even for a short period of time, if I leave my writing it starts to rust. It becomes much harder to use.

In a conversation with Kamille, she recommended I start an “Energy File”. When people communicate to me, either via comment or personal message, about how my stories impact or inspire them … I take a screen shot and add it to my “energy” file.

I go back and re-read that energy file. It’s quite extensive.

Someone might argue that I shouldn’t rely on external validation.

Well, I do. And I don’t.

I don’t because I would write even if no one read anything that I wrote.

I do … because that Energy File is like dumping gasoline on the fire in my forge.

Those comments, that feedback … it touches my heart. It moves me. Makes me feel really good.

And as my good friend Ryan pointed out, “Where there’s strong emotions, there’s story.”

So my fingers dance on the keyboard once again.

It’s a self re-enforcing positive feedback loop.

Like in my real estate business. When my clients are over-joyed, ecstatic that they achieved their dream, it dumps more fuel on the fire to help the next client.

The furnace burns hotter. It makes me want to work on my ingot, my writing even more.

Because the impact that I want to make is tangible.

I want to magnify that impact.

To do that, I must get better.

That makes me smile.

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